Prevention advice

Prevention starts with you!

Parents should never wait to call the police if their child is unaccounted for. A quick response time is critical in locating an abducted child.

Be sure to never leave a child unsupervised, not even for a moment.

All children should know their full name, address, telephone number as well as their age, date of birth, the full names of their parents (not only mom and dad) and the phone number where the parents can be reached at all times.

Give your child safety tips to deal with various situations, such as if he or she is approached by a stranger after school. Rehearse such scenarios with your child to raise his or her awareness regarding the potential dangers.

Teach your child to always ask for your permission before going somewhere, accompanying another person, getting in a vehicle, or accepting a gift or any other type of offer, even when made by a family member or a close friend.

Show your child how to be aware of his or her surroundings and to identify people who can be of help, if necessary. Such people include persons in uniform, like the police or security personnel. If none are in the vicinity, your child could also move toward a mother walking with children, for example.

Encourage your child to always be accompanied by at least one friend when playing outdoors or going somewhere. As the saying goes, there’s safety in numbers.

Plan the route that your child will take to get to school safely. The same route should be followed every day, and ideally, in the company of a friend.


What to do in the event of an AMBER Alert:

Pay attention to the alert

Carefully note the descriptions given

Keep an eye out for the child, the suspect and the means of transportation used

Don’t forget to provide as many details as possible when you call emergency services:

  • The exact location

  • The means of transportation

  • A physical description

  • The direction

  • Other information

  • Provide as many details as possible when you call emergency services